How to Tell You’re Partying Too Much

“I feel like I might be out partying more than I want, but I can’t tell.” “Is there a way to know if partying has gotten to be too much for me?” Those are some of the most common questions we’re asked about partying. It makes sense as to why. Partying, with friends and the people you care about, can be a really good time. Our lives are stressful, so blowing off steam where and when we can is a real boon. That said, if it becomes too much, if we’re partying too much, then that can be a problem, too. 

Regrets and Lies 

Have you gone to a party (or parties) and done something you really regret?  To be clear, this has to be something that you really can’t take back, that’s not something you’ll “laugh about in the future.” instead, it’s something that you desperately wish you could take back that’s had real, adverse circumstances for you. If you have several of those or even just a big one, you’re probably partying too much. The same goes for lies. If you can’t keep all the lies you’re telling straight about your partying, then odds are you’ve partied far too much. 

You’ve Tried to Stop and Can’t 

This is, in many cases, one of the clearest signs of an addiction. You tried to stop, you made a real, genuine, good faith effort to quit or even to cut back, and yet… you were unable to. Maybe you made it for a day or two, or perhaps even a bit longer. But, in the end, you were unable to stop partying, to stop using substances, and so forth. If that’s the case, then odds are that you not only have an addiction, but that you need help. 

It’s Hard to Think of Anything Else 

When you’re addicted to someone, you usually won’t think about much else. At least, not for very long. In addition to just thinking, it’s about what you’ll do for it, too. If you used to have a lot of hobbies and activities that you enjoyed, all of which got wiped out by partying, then odds are that you’re going to need the help of a facility like ours. That’s just one of the reasons that we’re always ready to provide assistance. 

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