Signs that Your Partying Feeds Your Addiction

Do you feel that you or someone in your life is partying too much? Does it feel like something that was a fun way to unwind has gotten a bit out of control? If you feel that way, it’s important to listen to that feeling. Too often, someone who has a real problem with partying, who is genuinely addicted, just feels like they’re “having fun” and “blowing off steam.” However, what you could be doing is making a bad situation worse. Below are some signs that partying is worsening your addiction. 

You Don’t Think About (Much) Else 

There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about partying. When you’re at work or school on a Wednesday afternoon, for example, it makes all the sense in the world for your mind to drift to a better time. However, when you begin to plan your entire life around partying, when you don’t think about much else, that could be a real problem. That’s especially true if you’re eschewing other hobbies, other activities, and things that you should be doing just to party more. 

It Seems Like It Takes More and More to Have a Good Time 

When you started partying, maybe you got drunk after just a drink or two, or perhaps high after using only a bit of a substance. Then, as time went on, it took more and more for you to feel buzzed, to feel high, to feel good. As your body develops a tolerance, it can make your addiction (as well as your dependency) that much worse. If you find that it takes so, so much more than it used to to make you feel as good as you did, then the problem isn’t that you’re using too little. Rather, it’s that it’s time to step back. 

Bad Decisions Upon Bad Decisions – But, there’s Help 

Speaking of “stepping back,” your partying is probably out of control if, well, you’re out of control while you’re partying. If you’re continually engaging in risky activity, the kind that can have a real detrimental effect on your life when you’re partying, then the best thing to do is step back from partying. The last thing you want is to put your job, your future, your health, or anything else at risk. Fortunately, there’s help. Our professionals are always glad to answer your questions and provide more information. 

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